Electromechanical drive and motion systems, including electric motors and motor controllers, have become the only alternative in almost all robotic applications, from humanoid service robots to underwater robots, robotic arms to controlled vehicles. The V-Direct drive family provides turnkey solutions for robotic applications with its flexible motor / actuator / sensor options, compact structure and user-friendly interface.

Industrial Automation

The number of electromechanical servo mechanisms in industrial lines is increasing exponentially, from production to packaging, from logistics to storage at any scale. Despite its wide power range, V-Direct drives with its compact structure and industrial communication interfaces create modern solutions for automation applications.

Maritime Applications

Electric drive systems, which provide high efficiency compared to the fueled alternatives, replace the existing drive systems of surface and sea vehicles with the development of electricity generation and storage technologies. Developed drive drivers can be used for these modern drive applications.

Vehicle Applications

Electric and hybrid vehicles quickly replace classic vehicles in each segment. V-Direct electric vehicle drivers, developed with SICFET technology, with CAN interfaces and programmable electronic differential, are the technological drive solution for the drive systems of electric vehicles.