Hub Motors
VOLRAD V-Motion Hub Motors have been designed to be easily integratable for use in EV’s, E-bikes, wheel chairs and a variety of industrial applications. Hub motors provide high output torque with high efficiency in a compact form and can be customized to user needs.

High Speed Motors
VOLRAD V-Motion HS series motors have been designed to meet the needs of aeroneutical, defense and industrial applications. The motors, along with their compact Design and high speed characteristics, can be used in a wide variety of applications and motor parameters can be customized in accordance with user needs.

High Torque Motors
VOLRAD V-Motion HT Series motors are highly efficient solutions for applications requiring high torque and precise positioning such as robotic arms, electromechanical actuators. HT Series Motors, having high number of poles, can be integrated with various position sensors and turnkey solutions can be created for precise positioning and motion applications.