V-Direct family of servo drives combines high performance torque, speed and position control features with an easy-to-use interface for BLDC and linear motors. Combining sinusoidal and trapezoidal commutation methods with flexible and configurable sensor inputs, V-Direct drives provide easy-to-integrate solutions for a wide range of applications.

V-Direct 24M2

24M2 = 50 Watt

V-Direct 24M5

24M5 = 125 Watt

V-Direct 24M10

24M10 = 250 Watt

V-Direct 48M5

48M5 = 250 Watt

V-Direct 48M10

48M10 = 500 Watt

V-Direct 72M5

72M5 = 375 Watt

V-Direct 72M10

72M10 = 750 Watt

V-Direct 72M20

72M20 = 1500 Watt