3 – 6 Cell Active BMS Module

V-ACT presents the active balancing technique commercially for the first time in the world. In addition to the fact that the “Active Battery Management System” that was developed enables high-capacity balancing speed, it is able to preserve 99 per cent of the total energy of the group. The energy conversation structure of the system prevents the heat production. Thanks to this property of the system, V-ACT modules can be mounted to DIN rails.

Standard V-ACT modules include 6 cell voltage measurement, 2 temperature measurement and all other equipment necessary for the active balancing of all cells. The modules also include optional analog and digital current sensor inputs. By uniting an adequate number of V-ACT module by means of the intermediate connection cables, you can create the battery management system that you need. Thanks to the characteristic of V-ACT configuration software and battery group, you can program the warning and alarm functions and also view the management data in the system.


Number of Cells3 to 6
Cell ChemistriesLi-Ion, Li-Polymer and LiFePO4
Cell Voltage Resolution & Eror1 mV resolution, 3mV typical error
Number of PTC Inputs2
Temperature Resolution1 °C
Balancing CurrentFixed +5A or -5A typically
Analog Current Sensor Interface (Optional)11 Ohm Low-Z Hall Sensor Inputs, +/- 150 mA input range, +/-15V Sensor Power Connection
Digital Current Sensor Interface (Opsiyonel)Single device CANBus connection with internal termination, +12V Sensor Power
Protection Features-Cell Balance Management -Software programmable undervoltage protection -Software programmable overvoltage protection -Software programmable over charge-current protection -Software programmable over discharge-current protection -Software programmable overtemparature protection
Module to Module CommunicationIsolated RS-485 with hardware programmable device addresses
Module to Device CommunicatonRS-232 Interface
Operating Temperature0 – 85 °C
MountingDIN Rail Mount
Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth)105 x 90 x 58mm


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