V-Direct family of servo drives combines high performance torque, speed and position control features with an easy-to-use interface for BLDC and linear motors. Combining sinusoidal and trapezoidal commutation methods with flexible and configurable sensor inputs, V-Direct drives provide easy-to-integrate solutions for a wide range of applications.

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VOLRAD V-Motion Hub Motors have been designed to be easily integratable for use in EV’s, E-bikes, wheel chairs and a variety of industrial applications. Hub motors provide high output torque with high efficiency in a compact form and can be customized to user needs.

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V-BMS Battery Management Systems have been developed for the management and safety requirements of high-capacity battery groups:

* Precise Measurement Capabilities (1 mV Voltage, 25mA Current, 1 C temperature)

* High-Current Balancing (1.2 Ampere in passive balancing, 5 amperes in active balancing)

* Flexible Connectivity options such as CANBus and MODBus.

* Flexible Programmability

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In addition to the products it offers, VOLRAD Elektronik is able to design and manufacture tailor-made solutions for its customers and exactly to meet your needs. It aims to keep customer satisfaction at the maximum level with special servo drive solutions with desired features.

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