Thanks to high-capacity passive balancing system, V-IQ battery management system presents all monitoring and safety functions that are needed in lithium-based battery packs together.

V-IQ system can easily be used in battery groups having up to 60 cells. In addition to this, V-IQ system also includes up to 20 temperature sensor and 10 current sensor inputs. The system includes internal temperature relay and also outlet for charge and discharge relays.

Thanks to its special software, V-IQ battery management system enables all functions within the system to be programmed flexibly. The specific procedures, including the warning/alarm levels, can be programmed to any level. In addition to its unexampled unique specifications, V-IQ battery also enables battery characteristic to be programmed as well. Thus, V-IQ can track state of charge (SOC) and state of health (SOH) at full length.



V-IQ 12V-IQ 24V-IQ 36V-IQ 48V-IQ 60
Number of Cell Inputs6 -1212 - 2418 - 3624 - 4830 - 60
Possible Cell Configurations6-12S1P or 3-6S2P12-24S1P or 6-12S2P18-36S1P or 9-18S2P24-48S1P or 12-24S2P30-60S1P or 15-30S2P
Number of PTC Inputs48121620
Supply Range9 – 60 VDC18-120VDC27-180VDC36-240VDC45-300VDC
Cell ChemistriesLi-Ion, Li-Polymer and LiFEPO4
Cell Voltage Resolution1mV typical, 3 mV max. Error
Temperature Resolution1 °C
Current Sensor Interface2 x 11 Ohm Low-Z Hall Sensor Inputs, +/- 150 mA input range, 2 x +/-15V Sensor Power Connection
Current Input Resolution0.3 mA
Protection Features-Cell Balance Management -Software programmable undervoltage protection -Software programmable overvoltage protection -Software programmable over charge-current protection -Software programmable over discharge-current protection -Software programmable overtemparature protection -Hardware programmable secondary over charge-current protection -Hardware programmable secondary over discharge-current protection -Fixed hardware undervoltage-overvoltage protections -Balance circuitry failure protection
Cell BalancingAdaptive cell balancing algorithm; cell balance timer
Operating Temperature0 – 85 °C


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