Resistive Electromagnetic Brake Unit

RESISTIVE ELECTOMAGNETIC BRAKE UNIT Operating Voltage: 15 – 60 VDC Brake Current :10 Amps Continuous, 20 Amps Peak Control System:Speed Control with Incremental Encoder Feedback Torque Control Regulated Power Output: 12 VDC ‐ 3A Max., 5 VDC – 1A Max Control Interface: 2x RS‐485, 1 x Programmable Analog Input Data Interface: 1 x RS‐485 Dimensions: 42mm (w)

Regen Electomagnetic Brake Unit

REGEN ELECTOMAGNETIC BRAKE UNIT Operating Input Voltage: 5 – 100 VDC Brake Current: 10 Amps Continuous, 20 Amps Peak Control System: Alternator speed control with Incremental Encoder Feedback Alternator Torque Control Input & Output Current Control Storage: Super Capacitor; 2500 Joule Storage Control Interface: 1 x RS‐485, 1 x Programmable Analog Input Data Interface: RS‐485 Dimensions: 90mm (dia.) x 84mm

Thruster Controller for Marine Applications

THRUSTER BLDC CONTROLLER Operating Voltage: 48 VDC Output Power: 1.5 kW Continuous Control System:  4Q Torque Control Control Interface: Torque & Direction Control throught Analog & Digital Inputs Sensor Interface: Hall Sensor & Incremental Encoder Dimensions: 126mm (dia.) x 30mm (h) Applications: Water thrusters & Hub Motors w. Integrated Drives DOWNLOADS Data SheetHardware ManualSoftware ManualTechnical Drawing3D Model

2×7,5 Electronic Differential IP67 BLDC Motor Controller

2×7,5 ELECTRONIC DIFFERENTIAL IP67 BLDC MOTOR CONTROLLER Operating Voltage: 300 – 500 VDC Output Power: 2 x 7.5 kW Control System: Field Oriented Torque & Speed control, Hall sensor & Incremental Encoder Feedback Programmable Electronic Differential Control & Data Interface: 2 x CANBus Interface Applications: L7e Electric Vehicles DOWNLOADS Data SheetHardware ManualSoftware ManualTechnical Drawing3D Model

1,5 kW Compact Brushless Servo Controller

1,5 kW COMPACT BRUSHLESS SERVO CONTROLLER Operating Voltage: 57 VDC (72 VDC Maks.) Output Power:1.5kW Continuous, 4kW Peak ( Upto 1 min.) Control System: Trapezoidal Commutation, High Frequency Torque, Speed & Position Control, on the fly control mode transition Sensor Interface:1x Incremental Encoder Interface, Programmable Resolution and Gearbox Ratio, Hall Sensor Interface Control Interface: 1

V-ACT Battery Management System Module

V-ACT Active Battery Management Systems for lithium batteries – V-Act modules include 6 cell voltage measurement, 2 temperature measurement and all other equipment necessary for the active balancing of all cells. – 5 Ampere Balancing Current – Fully programmable SOH and SOC Parameters – You can program the warning and alarm functions and also view the management data in the system.

V-Motion High Torque Brushless DC Motor 500W

V-MOTION HIGH TORQUE BLDC MOTOR 500W VOLRAD V-Motion HT Series motors are highly efficient solutions for applications requiring high torque and precise positioning such as robotic arms, electromechanical actuators. HT Series Motors, having high number of poles, can be integrated with various position sensors and turnkey solutions can be created for precise positioning and motion